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Your Data Engine in the Metaverse

Transforming virtual interactions into AI-ready data assets for insightful Spatial Computing experiences

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Create a future-proof communication and sales channel

Transition into the metaverse with SpatialGo, where every interaction is a data point, every virtual space a rich source of first-party data. Beyond creating engaging virtual environments, we structure the virtual world to fuel your real-world insights.
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All-in-one solution

Dazzle your guests with unique interactive 3D experiences and marketing features geared towards maximum conversion.

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Behaviour tracking

Capture your guests’ interests during their visit, allowing you to adapt content to suit their immediate needs in real-time.

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Powerful automation

Get critical information feeds into your CRM systems, enriching your lead generation and customer conversion processes with first-party data that's AI-ready.

Join the metaverse with SpatialGo

Watch the below video to get a taste of what SpatialGo can deliver for your brand in just a few clicks.

Create your space in the metaverse in just a few clicks

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Build your virtual world with unique, flexible environments

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Compose immersive experiences supported by AR, VR and MR

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Enjoy a simple-to-use system with drag and drop capability

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Tailor your spaces with demos, 121s & keynotes

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Bring unlimited delegates together to collaborate

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Host as many unique events as you like!

Gain maximum transparency with the right level of privacy

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Create 'open all hours' AAA experiences

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Engage meaningfully with your guests in situ

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Track your most visited rooms and content

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React quickly to visitor preferences and interests

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Change content in real-time to suit each visitor

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Build data-led customer personas from your findings

Activate your marketing MVP to enrich your CRM

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Reduce guesswork and increase conversion rates

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Send captured data directly to your CRM

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Automate your systems and follow-up strategy

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Trigger customised workflows based on behaviour

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Produce ongoing content to match requirements

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Target prospects with accuracy and confidence

Enter the Metaverse Marketing Era

Revolutionize your customer experience with SpatialGo, where the metaverse meets data intelligence. Our platform is crafted not just to track and monitor engaging virtual spaces, but to prepare businesses for an AI-ready future.
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Collaborate with best-in-class solutions

Rest easy knowing SpatialGo partners with global giants Hubspot, Salesforce and Asana, creating a fully integrated solution to capture and optimise customer data from every event you host.
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Why go SpatialGo


Revolutionise your digital marketing

Transition from 2D to a 3D digital realm where every interaction is a data opportunity, ready to be harnessed by AI.


Boost the ROI of your marketing events

Upgrade to an interactive experience and highly targeted, information-based visitor journeys, all fuelled by rich first-party data.


Maximise attendance from any device

SpatialGo is available from anywhere - office, kitchen, beach cafe - using a PC, tablet, smartphone or VR glasses, your 'always open' augmented or virtual reality 3D world is also a continuous data collection engine.


Let the metaverse become your canvas

We can help you tailor your rooms and showcase your company branding with high-res images, product videos and live streams, audio, virtualised products, presentations and more.


Never miss an opportunity for exposure again

With your events available around the clock, your message is always live. Guests can log in at any time using a personal link, immersing themselves in the adventure you have prepared for them.

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